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OpenAI: A high-level implementation of chat completion

Less than a year after when I had allowed ChatGPT to write a blog post for me, I finally decided to give the OpenAI API a chance in a realistic project integration!

Posted: 2023/5/21

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To rewrite or not to rewrite?

That is the question. When valuing how time is spent versus how it should be spent, there are many factors to consider.

Posted: 2022/12/15

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Chat GPT: A new player in AI chatbots

While chatbots are usually not too bright, ChatGPT is a shining star!

Posted: 2022/12/08

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Taking the lead; going from zero to hero in the course of a single project

Tackling new projects can be a daunting task. In some situations, you might just become the well-needed expert by the end of it

Posted: 2022/07/14

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Building a basic trivia app in Vue 3

With the recent transition of Vue into its third major version, I decided to dive deeper into the syntax of the new composition API to determine the best(and possibly the worst) of the recent changes to Vue.

Posted: 2022/02/21

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Using GitHub Copilot with real world projects

GitHub Copilot is a tool developed by GitHub to aid programmers simliarly in fashion that most would do with methods such as a pair and mob programming. How true does this hold up in real application development?

Posted: 2021/12/30

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Web3: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Cryptocurrency, P2P, Decentralization, Blockchain, etc.... There's alot of buzz words floating out there about Web3. What does it all mean and what things about the web are changing for better or worse?

Posted: 2021/11/30

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The web does not exist in 1984.

While the web was around back in 1984, the future of the web is more important than many realize.

Posted: 2021/10/14

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Rebuilding my portfolio because I don't like spending money

Over the course of the various iterations my personal portfolio has undergone, I recently decided that of all the things I pay for hosting, my portfolio can be reduced to zeroes on the dollar!

Posted: 2021/09/08

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A story of how a pandemic changed our perception on workplace efficiency

As stores, office, factories, and everything else that we were locked out of around the world are beginning to open their doors, a shift has occured during our time at home. This shift not only changes how we live out our daily lives but also how we’ve come to manage our schedules that seemingly always get more and more booked.

Posted: 2021/06/09

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Automating my web apps with Laravel Forge

Besides just my personal projects, I additionally work with third-parties for hosting of their web applications as well. With a large amount of these projects utilizing Laravel, I want to make the process of both hosting and maintaining my applications easy; cue the web app forge

Posted: 2020/11/21

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I built an app using Inertia.js

While Laravel 8 comes with many updates to the existing framework, one thing that this update brings is a brand new tool built using the new features of 8. This tool, Jetstream, can be considered in many ways, to be the final evolution of UI scaffolding for Laravel.

Posted: 2020/10/26

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Laravel Jetstream, last stop for Laravel UI

While Laravel 8 comes with many updates to the existing framework, one thing that this update brings is a brand new tool built using the new features of 8. This tool, Jetstream, can be considered in many ways, to be the final evolution of UI scaffolding for Laravel.

Posted: 2020/09/24

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Tools to use in your Laravel projects

While Laravel already makes building applications in PHP a breeze, there are many tools that you might not be aware of when starting for the first time. From better coding habits to command-line tools, there are many additional tools you might not be aware about that will further improve your experience with using Laravel.

Posted: 2020/08/11

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Blazing fast prototypes using Laravel Valet

Valet is a Laravel development environment for Mac minimalists. No Vagrant, no /etc/hosts file. You can even share your sites publicly using local tunnels. Yeah, I like it too.

Posted: 2020/06/05

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Laragon. A web developer tool-belt.

When working as a web developer, you find out early on that constantly uploading your files to your production box or other live environment takes time. Because of this, like any other application you would develop, you begin looking for tools that allow for a local development environment.

Posted: 2020/05/13

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Quarantined with nothing but…

With the current outbreak of COVID-19 causing mayhem, people all over the world are finding themselves with a considerable amount of time around the house.

Posted: 2020/04/07

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Thinking with a Gutenberg Mindset

From its conception back in early 2003, WordPress has grown to become the most recognized name in content management systems.

Posted: 2020/03/27

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EasyDocs 1.0 Is out!

EasyDocs allows for you to create & edit user documentation with a built-in dashboard centered around the organization of documentation under various user defined topics.

Posted: 2020/03/13

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Learning new technology

Welcome to my updated blog where I plan about discussing some of the tools/technology that I utilize in my every day work. While my job may not be the same as yours, chances are you the reader have a similar interest in web development!

Posted: 2020/02/27