Quarantined with nothing but…

With the current outbreak of COVID-19 causing mayhem, people all over the world are finding themselves with a considerable amount of time around the house. While this shift is easy for some, many have had a significant change in their lifestyles due to traveling restrictions imposed by the pandemic. If you’re thinking about twiddling your thumbs until the pandemic is all over, you’re missing out on the perfect learning opportunity!

Online Learning

With many educational institutions closing doors for the rest of the year, many students have found themselves continuing education through online courses. While isolation affects some opportunities through higher education, online programs through Coursera and Yale offer free courses to those affected by the pandemic.


If you’re worried about your ISP enforcing data caps, no need to worry. Many service providers are temporarily waiving overage fees for those stuck at home during the pandemic. Take this opportunity to further your education in addition to adding a few new TV series to your watch list!

Learning Something New

With additional time to spare, if you’ve been waiting for the chance to try a project idea you’ve been saving in your head, now is the time to take action! Taking the time to learn new skills now might pay off in the long run once job opportunities open back up after the end of the pandemic.

Try new things

While some are used to an introverted lifestyle, many who were social butterflies before the start of the pandemic might currently be thinking there is nothing that can be accomplished until society opens back up.

While stay-at-home orders are being enforced across most states, it is still perfectly legal to go for a walk given that you follow social distancing guidelines. Whether you go for a walk, return to the old fashioned family game night, or try take-out from a local business, there are plenty of things you can do to keep yourself occupied.

It is also a perfect time to try new tools in your field of work. In the spirit of trying new things, I switched my IDE in my last few projects over to PHPStorm, a premium IDE by Jet Brains. This new IDE has provided numerous features into my development ecosystems for both PHP and JavaScript projects. While I don’t want to seem like I’m going off a tangent, my overall message for you is to find happiness in the little things(For me a it’s an IDE) right now will go along ways for the next few months(And after).

Stay Safe

This pandemic has likely forced you to become surrounded by loved ones you might not always get the time to enjoy with. Use this time to make the most of the time we’re all spending with those locked in during these times. If you’re missing friends and/or colleagues, give them a video call and check in with those who might be in need. If you’re an essential employee that’s continuing the daily grind to keep the cogs turning, a thank you from all of us who’ve been graced with the opportunity to stay home that you have given us. Stay positive, and stay safe.