EasyDocs 1.0 Is out!

What is EasyDocs?

EasyDocs allows for you to create & edit user documentation with a built-in dashboard centered around the organization of documentation under various user defined topics.

No database is required to run EasyDocs. A full-installation process will take less than five minutes and will have you easily spinning up documentation in no time!


There are numerous features within EasyDocs that make the creation of user documentation easy:

  • Database(less): One of the main features of EasyDocs is there is no need for a database of any sort.
  • Easy Configuration: Much of EasyDocs can be modified from one config file. This file has it’s definitions layed out in very easy-to-understand terms, meaning someone without programming knowledge would be able to know what they’re modifying.
  • ADA Compliancy: Documentation generated for the user is fully-ada compliant by default.
  • MVC-Like architecture: The structure of the EasyDocs source means modification is easy. No sifting through a gargled codebase for editing the visuals of a specific template.

What’s new with 1.0?

EasyDocs 1.0 includes several new features to assist in both the creation and development of documentation:

  • Fixed composer installation to check for properly installed extensions and PHP version. I’ve also created an application class for checking things such as PHP extension and folder permission!
  • Several design improvements. Animations, sorting, navigation & much more!
  • Themes! Developers can now create their own themes which can include customized styles, scripts, templates, and routing file!
  • Added a settings pages to add various new tools such as user editing, board privacy settings, and of course the ability to upload and change the application theme.
  • Improved layout & integration between the application classes and the usable variables within theme templates. Almost all relevant information inside the application configuration file can be handled within theme templates as easy-to-use array variables.

Interested in this project?

If you’re interested in contributing, I would love any feedback or suggestions to add through continued work on EasyDocs. The codebase is 100% open & you can view it in it’s entirety. Check out my repo for filing bug reports or getting involved!